Privacy policy - Lost Society

Our Privacy Policies are weapons we use to bring trust to our clients. These are also considered bowls where we develop ourselves in the future. Here are some of our privacy polices.

1. Information privacy policy

We always value and appreciate our customers. Therefore, any personal information we collect from them will be kept private.

We don't share any customer info with 3rd party companies. Your browsing/searching habits may be used for the above purposes.

2. Information we collect

We don't require our customers to create accounts and provide personal information. Instead, we use their IP addresses to track their purchases and searches.

We will keep this information confidential for the purposes of providing a good customer experience.

For example, if we analyze a user’s search history and determine that they want to buy a new pair of shoes, we’ll recommend some brands for them to consider. We won’t ask anything else from them.

4. What happens if we don't use your information?

We're committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that any personal data collected by us is used appropriately. Any personal data we gather from you will be used solely for the purpose of providing better service to you.

Since you've visited our website, we've gathered some information from you. For example, you're interested in a catalog of online shopping... We'll show you the best options instead of having to waste time looking through them ourselves. Anyway, go back to our site and give it a shot!

4. Chatbot feature

We consider this as our customer service channel. When you visit our site, we display a live chat window where you can contact us anytime.

If you want to know more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us! We're confident that we can help you out!

6. Cookies, web be­acons, and third-parties' cookies

Cookies help us keep track of user activity so that we can improve our services. They also allow us to collect usage statistics which helps us understand how people use our services.

We collect personal information from visitors to our site. Third-parties use cookies to serve ads when you visit our website. These third parties may use non-personally identifiable information (e.g., click stream information) during your visits to this website.

We take our partnership selection very seriously. Please check twice before submitting your personal information.

6. Links

You can definitely visit our website and view the results links we provide. However, if you see any links that appear under Google's ad attribution, please check them out carefully before clicking.

7. Policy towards children

Children under the age of 13 cannot access the internet under international law. We therefore always respect and uphold their rights.

Children under the ages of 13 cannot use our site. It is also against the law for us to collect any personal information from them.

8. Information security

It is extremely important to protect personal information from unauthorized access. Therefore, we strictly follow privacy laws. We actively block and delete any activity relating to the collection of users' IP addresses.

You must be very careful when providing your personal information online.

9. Execution

We always take our commitment to our customers seriously. If there is any dispute between the customer and us, we will resolve it through the relevant regulatory authority.

10. Cookie DoubleClick DART

As with most other sites, we may collect some personal information from you when you visit our site. We may also receive information about your visits to other sites through our partners.

You can opt out of ads from Google at

11. Our Advertising Partner

Our partners may use cookies in conjunction with their own be­acons on . Their information obtained from cookies will be kept confidential in accor­dance with their privacy policies.

12. Amazon Affiliate Program participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associate’s Programs, which means we may get a small commission when you buy something through our links.

Amazon, Amazon Prime and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon, Inc. or its affiliate companies.

13. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may need to change our privacy policy or terms of service. If so, we will notify you by email.

For information that is no longer relevant, we will remove it. We will also make sure that any links to the old version of the website are updated so that they lead to the new location. Please contact our support team if you would like to know about the current status of your account.