Top 2 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receiver of 2022 - Ultimate Guide

Harley Wilderman
  Dec 2, 2022 11:39 PM

The wide receiver position is critical in both pro and amateur football players. As a result, selecting the best football gloves for wide receiver is vital. A package of wide receiver gloves is a required accessory and a tool for assisting the players in making stern receptions in the effective manner possible while safeguarding their hands from damage.

In the following article, we analyze five of the top wide receiver gloves on the market. It summarizes the significant aspects that you may use while purchasing, making it easy to select the ideal one for you.

Top 2 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receiver of 2022 - Ultimate Guide
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Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Glove Football Gloves Youth and Adult Black S
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Top 6 Best Football Gloves For Wide Receiver In 2022 Reviews

NICEWIN Football Gloves Adult Football Receiver Gloves for Men and Women Blue1-Large-Adult

1. Under Armour Men's F6 Football Gloves - Best Overall

These Under Armour F6 Football Gloves are 85% silicon plus 15% polyester. If they become soiled, they may be mechanism cleaned to restore their original appearance. The NCAA, NOCSAE, and NFHS have all approved using this equipment by football outfield players.

Under Armour, being one of the most significant sports glove companies, designed these gloves with HeatGear to keep your fingers clean and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. On the field, you will also notice how lightweight these gloves are.

The energy will flow down your fingers with optimum intensity and flexibility as they fit snugly over your hand. Under Armour's innovative GrabTack will keep you firmly gripping the football in terms of adhesion.

Choose this Under Armour brand while seeking the ideal football gloves for you. They fit snugly, and these gloves are an upgrade over Under Armour's F5 choice. 


  • A wide range of colors is available.

  • Sweat will be wicked away by the material.

  • These gloves are smooth.


  • Gloves are quickly soiled.

2. Cutters Rev Pro - Best Design

The Cutters Rev Pro 3.0 is one of the most well-known sticky pitch gloves on the market. Cutters understand how to delight its clients with a variety of color selections. There was no need to be concerned if these gloves became soiled. They're simple to wash and dry in a flash.

Whether those are sunny or rainy, these accessories will keep you warm. The architecture of these gloves at the front of the hand is elastic enough to conform to every palm size. Cutters gloves are still making a name for themselves in the sports sector.

They're ideal for university, high school, and life after. This company produces the best wide receiver sports gloves on the market. Even when they grind down, you will be amazed to see the resilience in every Cutter’s sewing.


  • C-Tack technology enables a firm grip.

  • NOCSAE Standards are followed.


  • Small size.

  • These gloves do not come with any cushioning.

3. Battle Ultra-Stick Football Gloves - Best Ultra-Tack Sticky Palm Receivers Gloves

In the football business, one of the most well-known brands is Battle. Since ancient times, they've made the most outstanding wide receiver gloves. The Ultra Blad-Span innovation is used to produce this kind of wide receiver protective accessory.

These are the most durable and flexible gloves on the marketplace due to this technique. Because of the employment of modern technology, gloves are handy. The gloves style fits tightly in the hands of the athletes, guaranteeing complete comfort.

Aside from each other from all of these benefits, these garments provide excellent traction for performers during a game. Another fantastic characteristic of these products is that they are impact-absorbent, which decreases the amount of restating and applied load caused by gripping the ball.


  • They are available in a variety of sizes.

  • Finger ventilation in the gloves maintains your cool while wearing them.

  • They're warm and inviting.


  • Provide exceptional traction for the athletes.

  • Last a long time.

4. EliteTek RG-14 Super Tight Fitting Football Gloves - Best Budget-Friendly

 Because of the GripTech Palm design, these gloves provide a lot of friction. This model enables them to be used at any temperature and on any ground.

You can choose one based on the size of your palms and fingers. These wide receiver gloves come in diameter, varying from kid extra-extra-small to grownup big. These top wideout gloves also contain seams at all stress places, making them more robust.

These garments are sophisticated and suitable for men of any age. The gloves may be cleaned by hand or by machine. They're made of high-quality cloth that stays sticky even after multiple washes.

If it starts to rain, don't be concerned if you have them on since their stability works even in wet conditions.


  • They make you feel like you have a second skin.

  • They're crafted from high-end cloth.

  • It's warm and comfortable to wear, regardless of the weather.

  • Have excellent traction and are easily tacked to your fingertips.


  • They don't provide enough wrist support.

5. Battle Double Threat Football Gloves - Best Sticky Football Gloves

Battle provides a football glove size guide to assist you with appropriate sizing. These gloves combine efficiency, convenience, and breathability with PerfectFit technology.

Wrist assistance in football gloves is relatively moderate, but Battle has risen to the top to protect every man on the pitch. A 90-day guarantee is included as a standard, ensuring that these gloves will outlast your expectations.

The battle is making waves in the world of football gloves, and you should pay attention. You'll hook up with these best-looking sports gloves since they come in several great color combinations and are made of waterproof breathable.

So although they are among the inexpensive football gloves in our wide receiver football gloves assessment, don't assume they won't stand up under the most extreme situations as they will.


  • The stitching will not deteriorate.

  • The  NFHS, NOCSAE, and NCAA all gave it good marks.

  • There is no inside fleece.


  • Outside cushioning is limited.

6. Franklin Sports Youth Receiver Gloves - Best for Youth

Franklin Sports Youth gloves will be a suitable alternative if you're looking for high-quality gloves for wide receivers. These gloves protect the footballer's wrist completely.

These gloves are also extremely comfortable and long-lasting. That’s the reason why most adolescents choose them.

Another essential feature of these gloves for a wide receiver is their durability. Because of the durability of the gloves, they will expect to function well for many seasons after you purchase them.

Furthermore, the gloves are made of high-quality, long-lasting synthetic fabric. These gloves are outstanding in providing players with exceptional friction and protection.


  • The gloves aren't overly large.

  • They have a stretchy cuff that makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze.

  • The gloves may be washed in the washing machine.

  • When you put the gloves on, they are really warm.


  • Only small sizes of gloves are available.

Buying Guide

Before you begin putting on a pair of gloves, you must evaluate and prioritize the components of a football glove that you believe are the most significant.

Excellent Grip quality

Before you begin putting on a pair of gloves, you must evaluate and prioritize the components of a football glove that you believe are the most significant.

We've recently discussed how important it is to hang on to and keep possession while they are still in your hands. As a result, you must ensure that the football does not escape your grasp unless you really want to use it.

Gloves with a lot of friction are ideal for this work. If you do have the correct materials incorporated into your hands, the dimensional accuracy and surface against the top of the ball will improve your grip strength.

Furthermore, these gloves must be easy to maintain without losing grip performance for sanitary reasons.

Provides a high level of security

You’ll be the main target if you're out there on the battlefield. As a result, you should make every effort to safeguard your most valuable asset in the match: your hands.

Many football gloves are built with many layers of cushioning on the outside area of the hands to give maximum protection. Examine the back of the hand here. This protecting section of particular gloves extends to the wrists and half of the arms.


You'll require protective gear that won't get in the way of you doing your duties successfully. To precisely launch the football into the air or capture it, your fingers must be able to stretch.

If you go to an athletic equipment store, these gloves made of flexible material will be at the top of your list of potential sports equipment to purchase.

Convenience and some minimal advantages

Finally, but certainly not least, your garments must be comfy. Look for gloves that are made with confidence and ease.

Other minor qualities to look for in your gloves include the capacity to maintain your fingers dry and vented and the power to reflect coolly on the ground. Then again, you should dress in athletic attire that also matches your style.

How To Size Football Gloves?

Conventional football glove sizes are available, and some companies also offer customized sizing. While bespoke is usually preferred, you'll have to know your hand dimensions nonetheless. 

There are two types of glove sizes: standard and youth. Begin by calculating the distance between your palm's base and the tip of the middle finger. If you're below 7 inches tall, you'll likely fit into a juvenile size glove, which is around 6.25 and 7 inches long. Regular football gloves are 7 to 8.5 inches long and available in 6 to 7 sizes: small, medium, big, XL, XXL, XXL, XXL, XXXL, and XXXL.

It's also important to mention that if the dimensions are similar, you might want to increase or decrease a size if your fingers are exceptionally broad or narrow. 

Can You Wear Baseball or Softball Batting Gloves for Football?

If you're a newbie to football, you might be questioning if you can recycle some of your previous sports gear. One of the most often inquiries is whether baseball or softball batting gloves may be used in football.

Batting gloves should not be used for football, according to our perspective. Batting items may be preferable to wearing no gloves, but they are no substitute for football receiver gloves.

The lack of adhesion, larger build, and absence of trust batting gloves may provide a footballer when receiving the ball are the primary reasons they must not be worn in football.

Lack Of Stickiness

The sticky baseball batting gloves are among the principal factors they won't work in football. Batting gloves will be tackier than football gloves, but not to the same extent as football gloves.

It is a critical feature since the crassness of football gloves is really what renders them so valuable. Gloves may make a difference among receiving versus throwing a pass, as any wide receiver can inform you.

Find out what pitchers have to say about using football gloves to play sports like baseball to make this argument. Football gloves are usually far too stickier than baseball gloves that professional athletes have problems withdrawing their fingers off the bat.

Thicker build

Batting gloves will also hamper a football player’s effectiveness because of their bigger physique. When you smash a ball, one of the essential qualities of baseball or softball batting gloves is to lessen the vibrating you feel in your palms.

The batting gloves are broader than receiving gloves to decrease vibrations. The problem with this is it limits the mobility of the receiver's hands.

The majority of football receivers’ gloves are made of lightweight and thin material. This permits the gloves to bend and twist in response to the receiver's fingertips, allowing for stern receptions. When footballers wear batting gloves, the flexion in their wrists is restricted.

Lack of Confidence

This same lack of confidence that accompanies donning baseball gloves for football is the ultimate reason why it isn't a wise option. Some may think this is a little thing, but the assurance is crucial in football, particularly for those attempting to pick up the ball.

If you imagine yourself wearing baseball or softball gloves in your imagination, it may have an impact on your assurance. It emphasizes the significance of gaining confidence in what you're carrying on the field.

Bringing batting gloves to a match might undermine that faith and have severe consequences on the field. If you would like to play football at your coolest, invest in a pair of football gloves that will help you demonstrate the ability to receive the ball.

Final Words

The 6 best football gloves for the wide receiver listed above are excellent quality. They've all received overwhelmingly good feedback from genuine users. You may pick the size, beauty, and color you want and then be ready to be amazed. Have a good time looking for gloves that will fit you!